Hållfjället's tourist station is probably Sweden's only tourist station that is privately run. At least considering its location on the mountain and its lack of roads and electricity. The station aws built in the early 40's and was called a "high mountain hotell". Dispite the lack of electricity, central heating as well as showers and water closets was installed. Each room had a sink with hot and cold water.

The lighting was supported by gas, at each room as well as in the kitchen and dining room. Carbide gas was produced at site and through a gas clock each outlet achieved the necessary pressure. Hållfjället was, with the current standard's considered as an exclusive and luxurious hotell, which was reflected by the guest's social group level. Going through the guestbook from the early years shows many signatures from the upper class.

Hållfjället, which was designed, furnished and decorated by the builder Theodor Seefried, is to this day more or less in original condition. Some changes, such as a new roof and a more modern heating system has been necessary. The interior and ornaments is still original and in great condition. Beatiful paintings, mostly gourd paintings, decorates the beds in every room. The dining room painted ceiling has influences from Austria, Norway and the Swedish county Jämtland. The furnitures in the dining room are produced locally in Jämtland and is still, after more than 50 years of frequent use, still intact. An annex has been added to the staff quarters and contains the host couple's personal living, in combination with conference spaces. A porch for sunny days and an independent classic sauna has been added during the recent years.

As of today, electricity still isn't available at Hållfjället, except for solar energi for the heating system's circulation pump's and a small power station for special occations, like vacuuming and electric tools. Lighting is provided by paraffin lamps and candlelights. The lack of electricity makes Hållfjället the ideal place for people who are oversensitive to electricity, without sacrificing modern high standards.

Hållfjället's guests are only offered accomodation with full board, according to our concept which means that we provide the bodily - while the guests focuses on enjoying their visit. As our guest you can let go of all practical arrangement and take in the mountains, skiing, the nature and good food. Dinner is usually served around six. It alway consists of an apetizer, main course and dessert. Enjoy your coffee in front of the open fire place. Breakfast is served at eight thirty, where you can prepare sandwiches and fill up your thermos for your daily ski tour.