Hållfjället has new owners, but we continue as usual. We are open for the whole season.

For bookings call +4664734160 or +4664734049.

We are (Christel and Hervé) are welcoming you.

If you want to experience something different

Imagine that you wake up after an strenghtening sleep, just to discover that the sun is shining from a clear blue sky. After getting up you eat a nutricious "Hållfjäll's breakfast", a great start for a day out on the mountains. During breakfast you make sandwiches and fill up a thermos with warm chocolate, coffee or cold "Hållfjäll's lemonade".

You and your family or friends put on your skiis right outside the porch for your daily tour. You don't have to climb to get to the mountains, you're already there!

After a few hours skiing, it's time for a well earned rest so you find a place away from the wind. If the sun is still shining, your break will be extra delightful and you may want to sit and feel the sun light improving your tan.

Around four or five it feels good to see Hållfjället in the ray of sun and your final way home will be an easy trip. After a shower, you have time to relax for a while, perhaps with something to drink.

At six o'clock supper is served in the dining room, where the open fire place and the lit candles creates an intimate and joyful mood. Dinner always consists of first course, main course and desert. Hållfjället's menu, based on potluck, is usually highly appreciated by our guests.

After dinner, the guests have the possibility to socialize in the way they feel fit. No TV is available, since your stay at Hållfjället is all about getting away from the outside world.

During a starry night or if the moon is shining, you can experience a winter sky as no other. Standing on the porch gazing upon a sky that is not cluttered with the lights that usually surrounds us is really something to remember. If your really lucky, and the northern lights can be seen, only the outdoor cold can convince you to get back inside.